Job Details
Al Hoty Company Ltd (Saudi Arabia)
Network & Database Administrator
Job Posted On : 10 - Jan - 2020
Job ID : T89N
Client Code : RC-9
No. Of Requirment(s) : 1
Qualification :
Skills :
Minimum Experience : --
Maximum Experience : --
Job Location : Al Khobar-Saudi Arabia
IELTS Exam Qualified minimum 6 band score and good English Communication Skills
Job Description

• Entry level position with limited prior training or relevant work experience. • Acquires basic skills to perform routine tasks. • Work is prescribed and completed with little autonomy. • Works with either close supervision or under clearly defined procedures. • Has developed knowledge and skills through formal training or considerable work experience. • Has established skills to perform a range of day-to-day activities. • Identifies the problems and all relevant issues in straightforward situations and makes sound decisions based practice and precedent. • Works within established procedures with a moderate degree of supervision. • Administration plus specialized skills within a business support/ enabler area of the organization. • Has developed specialized administration plus business enabler skills or is multi-skilled, developed through considerable on-the-job experience and job-related training. • Coordinates the work of concerned parties and may follow-up on work activities. • Completes work with a limited degree of supervision.

Facilities :
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