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Al Hoty Company Ltd (Saudi Arabia)
Analyst Programmer
Job Posted On : 09 - Jan - 2020
Job ID : 7132
Client Code : RC-9
No. Of Requirment(s) : 1
Qualification :
Skills :
Minimum Experience : --
Maximum Experience : --
Job Location : Al Khobar-Saudi Arabia
IELTS Exam Qualified minimum 6 band score and good English Communication Skills
Job Description

Job Desciption: • Develop quality assurance on applications. • Expert in developing surveys • Expert in creating Dash boards • Enhance and resolve problems related to computer operating systems software, hardware and Database Management Software required to maintain business functions, such as applications servers, network, database servers and file servers. • Expert in Talent Management System • Expert in Learning Management System • Analyze system applications and problem to maintain trends in the area of Training requirements • Investigate and resolve systems operational problems. • Great Communication skills to deal with Technical Experts within the Upstream • A/V and Applications Support to all Training classes • Interest in developing their skills to meet the business needs. Minimum Requirements: A. EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science (BS) OR Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Computer Science, Management Information Technology (MIS), Engineering, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Business Administration B. EXPERIENCE: Minimum seven (7) years in computing environment. C. LANGUAGE: Thoroughly proficient in both verbal and written English. Duties and Responsibilities: - Develop and manage project proposals, resources and plans. - Assign tasks to project members. - Conduct quality assurance on project deliverables. - Implement new and maintain existing computer systems. - Support computer production systems. - Maintain, enhance and support existing computer applications and systems. - Troubleshoot system problems and implement solutions. - Develop new and enhance existing computer systems. - Test and evaluate, develop and implement new computer applications and systems. - Train and mentor newly hired IT System Analyst-IV. - Collect and analyze system utilization data to monitor trends and forecast future (IT) requirement. - Evaluate and test off-the-shelf products to ensure their applicability to corporate business requirement. - Review and analyze user request for computer and communication systems, and recommend solutions to meet customer requirements. - Design, develop, test, install, customize and troubleshoot information security systems and solutions to ensure protection of IT assets, business functions and requirements. - Manage data center facilities infrastructure, and support relevant upgrade projects. - Perform support to operations monitoring of IT systems and problems response and resolution. - Analyze and approve changes to computing infrastructures. - Adhere to security and safety regulation and rules.

Facilities :
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